Balance Massage Studio offers a variety of massage modalities in a peaceful and safe environment. Our professional and courteous staff will customize the massage session to accommodate the specific needs of our clients. All of Balance Massage & Healing Arts Studio’s staff are NYS Licensed Massage Therapists and hold advanced certifications in their areas of expertise.



Most commonly associated with relaxation, therapists use long, light strokes, deep kneading and focused friction type movements to increase circulation and relax muscles.

30 – Min Session $50
50 – Min Intro Session

(for new clients)

60 – Min Session $90
75 – Min Session $110
90 – Min Session $130
Add Ons
Deep Tissue $10
Hot Stones $20
Cupping $15


Your therapist will use Swedish techniques to ease the many discomforts associated with pregnancy. A specially designed pillow can allow the mom‑to‑be to lie face down.

60 – Minute Session $90

Full Stone

Heated stones are placed on key areas of the body while your therapist uses additional heated stones to massage away the tension. Truly a unique experience.

(Advance notice at time of scheduling required)

75 – Minute Session $135

Trigger Point

A modality that targets specific areas of muscle pain and their referral points to assist in the release of muscle tension and bring blood flow back to the affected area.

60 – Minute Session $100

Lymphatic Facilitation

Helps to improve the lymph circulation through slow, gentle, rhythmic touch. LF can also help the body to eliminate toxins more efficiently, encourages a balance in internal chemistry, assists in normalizing organ and immune function and can be beneficial in reducing swelling.

50 – Minute Session $70

Eastern Theory


An ancient Japanese massage technique that is performed on a shiatsu floor mat while the client is dressed in loose comfortable clothing. Your therapist uses thumb, finger and palm pressure along the meridians (energy channels) and acupuncture points to unblock energy, relieve muscle tension, boost the immune system and stimulate energy flow. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.



Asiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is performed on a massage table, the therapist uses overhead parallel bars for balance while applying slow, gliding foot pressure and compression on strategic points along the spine and body. 


Reflexology Massage

To begin the session, you feet are wrapped with warm towels  infused with Hot Mineral Salt Water and Essential Oils, while your hands and arms receive a relaxing massage.  Hot Stones are then placed under the hands, feet are dried and given a detailed massage using acupressure and techniques to work out tension and soothe away stress and fatigue.

45 – Minute Session $75

Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

Using a healing technique called chelation, your healer will clear energy blockage within the chakra system. The chelation will balance and charge the flow of energy to restore balance in your energy field. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

60 – Minute Session $100


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses gentle hand placements along the body to channel in “divine light energy”. This brings healing within the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Reiki can promote deep relaxation and clarity as the practitioner holds space for your healing experience.

60-Minute Session $85

Shamanic Energy Session

Have you ever felt “STUCK” or disconnected? Or found it difficult to make a decision? This ancient, powerful energy work helps to clear blockages from your energetic field. Each session is created to meet the specific needs of each client. Your healer will call upon ancient widsom and Helping Spirits using crystals, essential oils, sound healing bowls and hands-on techniques to assist you in releasing physical and emotional challenges. Clients often claim to feel a shift and release of free flowing energy that helps them open up to their life’s purpose. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

90-Minute Session $175

Crystal Healing Mat

The Crystal Healing Mat is a heated mat with chakra crystals infused within the mat. These crystals can help to balance the chakras in your body and promotes deep relaxation within the mind, body, and spirit. 

30-Minute Session $50